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Preliminary Order Form

Fill in your email address, telephone number, dates and quantities required, together with any remarks, on the form below and click on Email Form to mail the form data to Dereham Crockery Services for processing or send your email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Cutlery Drinking
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Crockery - China  


Steak Oval 20p

Soup Plate 10p

Dinner Plate 10p

Dessert Plate 10p

Side Plate 10p

Fruit Dish 10p

Cup 10p

Saucer 10p

Open Vegetable Dish 30p

Cruet Salt/Pepper 10p

Jug China Small 30p

Jug China Large 50p

Sugar Bowl 20p

Tea Pot 8 pints £1.50p

Tea Pot 1½ litre £1.00p

Coffee Pot 1 litre £1.00p

Wedding Cake Stand £1.00p

Bowl Coupe 10p

Large Oval Meat Plate 50p

Bread Basket 30p

Gravy Boat 50p

Vinegar Pot 10p

Mustard Pot 10p

Crockery - Glass  


Jug Glass Small 30p

Jug Glass Large 50p

Large Glass Dish 50p

Sundae Glass 10p



Dinner Knife 10p

Dinner Fork 10p

Dessert Knife 10p

Dessert Fork 10p

Dessert Spoon 10p

Soup Spoon 10p

Table Spoon 10p

Drinking Glasses  


Sherry Glass 10p

Goblet 5 oz 10p

Goblet 6 oz 10p

Glass 1 pint 10p

Tumbler 12 oz 10p

Tumbler 8 oz 10p

Beer Mug ½ pint 10p

Beer Mug 1 pint 10p

Champagne Saucer 10p

Tall Wine Glass 10p

Beer Glass ½ pint 10p



Bowl Stainless Steel 50p

Stacking Rings 10p

Wedding Cake Knife £2.00p

Aluminium Oval Plates 20p

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Hire charges do not include breakages or shortages either in transit or in use. All items are checked before despatch to ensure that they reach you in good condition. Goods are checked again on return. Hire charge covers a period of 5 days. A surcharge will be made for every 24 hour period thereafter. Please return all items washed clean and dry. A cleaning charge of 50% of original charge will be imposed where items are returned inadequately washed. The minimum charge is 10.